Well hello there…

She Seeks Sparkle Intro 1

I’ve contemplated starting a blog for quite some time now. As long as I can remember, anything having to do with fashion and make up was extremely interesting to me. At the age of three, my mother started letting me pick out my own outfits. Those first outfits were a little interesting and usually included a plastic pair of princess heels and/or a tutu, but from this came a desire to create a look all my own.

But clothing and accessories aren’t the only ways I have of expressing myself.  I’ve always been the person that my friends have gone to for hair and make up advice. I’m always trying some new brand or product, making Ulta and Sephora heavily frequented places for me. In my sorority in college, it reached the point that all my sisters were asking me to do their hair for formal that I put signups on my door to make sure I could get my hair done too! I love talking make up and hair care. I love talking about new and different products and what works for others so I can try them too. My hope for this blog is for it to be a creative outlet for me to share the things I’ve tried, what I would like to try, and have others share the same with me.

I hope you’ll follow along with me :)