Wednesday Wishlist – Brows

Wednesday Wishlist -Brows


Over the past year I’ve really become obsessed with brows.   I am so intrigued by how simply tweaking the shape and color of your brows can completely change your look.  I like that if I want a more low-key look, I’m good with a little tinted eyebrow gel (this one being my current fav), or if I want something more dramatic, the bold brow is super in.  My current favorite night time look is a bold brow, bold lip, with a more neutral face.  I think its beautiful, chic, and super classy.

Because of my recent obsession, I am always on the look out for new brow products.  I am always stalking Pinterest, Sephora how-to’s, and other beauty blogs to what products others are using to achieve different looks.  Above are some items that have caught my eye.  A few are cult favorites, while others are on the newer side.

What are your go-to brow products?  Let me know!