Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration – Part 1

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo 1

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Can you believe that we are half way through November already?!  I looked at my calendar this morning and had a minor panic attack because I realized that Thanksgiving was less than two weeks away ?  Thus, my thought process: time to get down to the business of holiday planning.  First thing:  make my list of people I need to purchase gifts for (gift guides coming soon!!)  Second:  outfit planning!!  Each year there are so many holiday parties and they are so fun to dress up for!  However, the struggle for me is coming up with new outfits ideas quickly because so many of the same people are at each party.  Because of that, I like to have a few key pieces that I stick with during holiday season that can easily be mixed up to create different outfit combinations.  Above is my first outfit idea for Thanksgiving.  I’ll post a couple more and then show you how they can be mixed to create different outfit combos, carrying you through the holiday season.

What are your ideas for holiday outfits?  Let me know!



P.S. All of these awesome pieces are currently on sale!!