My Christmas Traditions

There are so many things that I love about Christmas time.  I love the parties, the weather, and spending time with loved ones.  Another thing that I love is the music.  Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, I start playing Christmas music.  Its the same playlist of songs every year and has remained largely unchanged since my childhood.  It is certainly an eclectic mix, including artists from my parents generation, as well as my sister’s and mine. What I love most is the tradition of it.  Even though I no longer live with my parents and have a home of my own, I like knowing that they are playing the same songs that I am.  When I go to my parents house during the holidays, I adore the feeling of transport back to childhood: the same music, the same decorations, and the same traditions.  Even though life has changed greatly since I was small, I like that these small things remain largely unchanged.  Below are the albums on my Christmas playlist.Christmas Albums


What are your favorite holiday traditions?  Let me know!