Monday Motivation

Lets be serious, staying motivated to workout consistently is DIFFICULT, to say the least.  As a young professional with a busy schedule, it is so easy to find something that is more important or a more valuable use of my time than going to the gym.  In reality, however, there are very few things that are more important than taking care of yourself.  I’ve struggled with a consistent workout routine since college and need to figure how to have a schedule within the craziness of everyday life.  There have been times when I seem to be in a good groove, but then work heats up, there are friends to grab dinner with, and all of a sudden its two weeks since I’ve seen the gym.

Even though it is difficult at times to find routine, a couple weeks ago I was inspired by this post from the Glitter Guide.  Even though I haven’t experienced huge changes to my life recently, I can definitely relate to the struggle the author relays.  If she can create a workout plan with a new baby at home and running a successful business, I can definitely create some goals that work with my life!

So this Monday, I’m getting back on the wagon and I have a plan!  Part 1 is getting back to following these guides.  I was part way through Round 1 before life took over, but I LOVED the results and with each HIIT workout being only 28 minutes long, they can be so easy to fit in!  Part 2 is being flexible about what time of the day I go to the gym.  I am not a morning person, so that leaves after work to work out.  But some days are longgggggg, and I am easily convinced that going to bed is a better option than working out.  On days where I know its going to be tough to get to the gym after work, I’m going to overcome my aversion to mornings and go to the gym then.  Once a week shouldn’t kill me ?.  And if I miss a workout during the week, I’m going to make it up during the weekend.  By providing myself with more time options for working out, I’m hoping I’ll be more successful.  Part 3 is dressing for success.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m wearing an outfit I actually LIKE I’m infinitely more productive, no matter what I’m doing!  For workout gear, I like to stick to neutral pieces that are easily mixed and matched, but still have a funky attribute to keep it unique.  Below are a few of my faves.

monday motivation1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Welp, this is my plan for getting back to fighting fit.  What about you?  What gets you motivated to hit the gym?  Let me know!